When its Time for a New Roof

When was the last time you’ve taken a closer look at your roof? Maybe it’s covered in moss and outgrowths, with a few leaks and damages here and there, and worse – the aging look of your decades-old shingles is beginning to show. Sooner or later, the question will pop up in your head: is it time for you to have a new roof?

Of course, contacting an expert roofing company is the best way to determine whether you need a roof replacement or not. As your roof ages, you’d want to make sure it still does its job protecting the inside and outside of your properties because let’s face it – roof damages and wearing is not something we can avoid. Besides, no one wants to own a non-appealing, worn-down roofing.

So, before going for another repair for the hundredth time and losing the value of your homes, start knowing what you should be looking out for before making the final decision: whether you’re in for another year or if you’re going to start saying your goodbyes to your old roof.


  1. Your roof has existed for decades

Roofs aren’t meant to last forever – roofing shingles are bound to curl and discolor, gutters will accumulate too much mold, and repairs soon wouldn’t be able to fix stains, leaks, and rusty flashings without looking like a band-aid. 

If you’re hoping to see it in a more logical way, think about warranties and expiration dates. When was your roof installed? How long has it been since installation? How many years does your current roof material usually last? It is especially easier if you’ve been there during the prior installation, but you can do a little searching around to gauge how many years old it is. You may also want to keep warranties in check – roofing shingles usually last 20-50 years, depending on the type of shingle and roofing materials you have.


  1. Your roof is looking worse for wear

In worst case scenarios, it would take one look from the outside before being absolutely sure that your roof needs to go (though, we wouldn’t recommend coming to that). You can take a good look for yourself and observe your roof for any signs of damage and deterioration, such as holes and moss in your roof shingles, clogged storm gutters, cracked chimney flashings, and stains/corrosion in your walls. If you think that a repair wouldn’t do you any better, then it would be best to plan out a roof replacement with a professional roofer around your town.

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  1. A trusted roofing company suggests a replacement

Nothing beats an expert on the field to perform the inspections for you. You can simply call the number to a reliable, professional roofer and they can come straight to your location without hassle. They can go through all nooks and crannies of your roof using their advanced equipment, then let you in on the complete details of their reports and give you accurate recommendations for your decisions. Now isn’t that dandy? No more worries about your roof crumbling before you, no more going through the trouble of climbing all the way up your roof, and definitely worth the deal.

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