Sarcófago: The Worst (1996)

Written by: Kev Rowland

Sarcófago are probably one of the most influential metal bands to come out of Brazil, with both their look and sound having a major influence on the Norwegian black metal scene in particular. Formed in 1985, their singer was Wagner “Antichrist” Lamounier, who originally was in Sepultura (although he never recorded with them). According to Wikipedia, he is now a professor of economic science and applied statistics at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais! ‘The Worst’ was the last album by the band, released in 1996, and it has now been remastered and made available on vinyl and cassette.

By this time Sarcófago were down to a duo of Lamounier (vocals, guitar) and Geraldo “Gerald Incubus” Minelli (bass, backing vocals), with Eugênio “Dead Zone” providing drum programming and keyboards. The album attracted a great deal of criticism at the time for the use of programming, and I am normally the first to complain, but it’s actually not too out of sorts on this album. It comes through as Black metal mixed with some doom, with Pig Destroyer thrown in for good measure. They were always seen as outsiders, even within the metal scene in their own country, but there is a raw naïve bleakness to this album, with crunching guitars and harsh vocals, which truly makes this indispensable to any lover of extreme metal. Cold and nasty, this is still powerful more than 20 years on.

Rating: 7/10


Track list:
1. The End (Intro)
2. The Worst
3. Army of the Damned (The Prozac’s Generation)
4. God Bless the Whores
5. Plunged in Blood
6. Satanic Lust
7. The Necrophiliac
8. Shave Your Heads
9. Purification Process



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