Rick Miller: In The Shadows (2011)

Written by: Kev Rowland

2011’s ‘In The Shadows’ saw Rick move to the Russian Mals label, but apart from that it was pretty much a continuation from the previous album, except he also brought in Barry Haggerty who provided both Telecaster and Les Paul guitars. One might expect a more dominant guitar performance from this, but musically this is a direct follow-on from the previous album. given that I loved ‘Falling Through The Rainbows’, that can only be a good thing as far as I am concerned! Yet again we have plenty of symphonic Floyd style influences, mixed with elements of cat Stevens and Alan Parsons. These are relaxed songs with vocals at the centre, as opposed to long instrumental workouts. Those looking for lengthy guitar histrionics or shredding will have to look elsewhere, as this is all about albums that are reflective, with a fragility that makes them feel like a spider’s web in the rain.

Incredibly melodic, there are times when the flute and mellotron combine to make me think of a fresh summer’s day, and Rick’s gentle vocals bring back memories of Greg Lake at his most pastoral.. There aren’t too many harsh or heavy dynamics, and when the electric guitar is allowed some space it really does seem as if Gilmour is sat there with a smile on his face having fun. The complex layered arrangements, particularly among the vocals, may seem cloying and over the top to some, but to my ears it is absolutely perfect, and sat listening to this in the dark of the night seems the absolutely perfect time to be doing so. I sit here listening to this on repeat, nice large gin and tonic in hand, and have a great big smile on my face as it such a perfect album in oh so many ways.

Rating: 10/10


Track list:
1. A Promise Worth Making
2. The River Lethe
3. Heaven In Your Eyes
4. Ombres
5. Life In The Shadows
6. The Twilight Beckons Me
7. The Fall Of Uqbar
8. Angel Eyes Part 1
9. The Young Man And The Mirror
10. The Last Night



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