Adam Norsworthy: The Circus Moon (2018)

Written by: Roger Penkethman

I first became aware of Adam’s songwriting when I was given The Milk Men – Full Phat cd by Skyfire Interactive’s boss. Followed shortly after by Gold Top so I could write my review, for that album. I have since then become a huge fan of his various musical outings, either The Mustangs, The Milk Men or solo. So when this came up for review, I just had to grab it and share my thoughts, plus get an early listen.

From the first to last note, this album oozes a huge amount of style and confidence. It carries on in much same vein as Adam’s previous albums, full of beautifully written easy listening songs, all full of get stuck in your head melodies. As before there are plenty of changes in tempo within each song, which create some great structure to the melodies. The way all the instruments ebb and flow like the tide, throughout the songs really add interest engaging the listener. Every song draws in influences from all walks of musical styles, which makes for an album which is hard to pin to any specific genre. Which is quite a hard thing to achieve these days.

The lyrics are reflective, melancholy, uplifting and full of wonderful imagery that are very true to life containing something we can all connect with.

As with all of Adam’s previous releases within a band or solo, this is again an album that I could listen to over and over and never tire off. So all I can say is, thank you Adam for another wonderful album. It is with great ease that I can say this album is truly awesome.

Rating: 10/10


Track list:
1 – Everyone Round Mine
2 – Healing Hands
3 – Jobtied And Boatless
4 – Rome
5 – Let Your Red Hair Fall
6 – Mary’s Song
7 – Tip Toe
8 – Hard Luck
9 – When The Sun Goes Down
10 – Rollercoaster



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