Kaoll: Odd (2014)

Written by: Kev Rowland

This is the third album by Brazilian trio Kaoll, comprising Bruno Moscatiello (guitar), Yuri Garfunkel (flute, Brazilian 10 string guitar (viola caipira)), Doktor Leo (drums, effects), and was originally released in 2014 before being reissued by Progshine towards the end of last year. On this album they have also used many guests, including Billy Cox (Jimi Hendrix), percussionist João Parahyba (Trio Mocotó), Paulo Garfunkel (clarone and clarinet), Ricardo Vignini (viola caipira), Gabriel Costa (Violeta de Outono) and Ney Haddad (Mobilis Stabilis) on bass, Fábio Ribeiro (Remove Silence) on keyboards and pianos, among others.

The guitar sound is thick and dirty, the flute is gentle and pleasant, the organ is a Hammond, plus there is electric piano and loads of South American percussion and rhythms, what here is there not to like? It is both funky and fun, fusion and Seventies rock combining to produce an instrumental album which is a delight from beginning to end. In some ways it is quite simple, while in others it is incredibly complex, and while the melody may sometimes be sweet there is a great deal going on underneath. It is refreshing and joyous, thoughtful and sincere. The guitar on “Balada para o Sr. Bodão” is simply superb, taking the lead with some sweeping solos, but it is the mix of styles and cultures that makes this an album deserving closer attention. The overall result is that while this has been overlooked by pretty much everyone involved in the scene outside Brazil, it is one that will be enjoyed by all those lucky enough to come across it.

Now that it has been reissued through the Progshine digital label, it is being made available for just $3. What are you waiting for, and what have you got to lose?

Rating: 8/10


Track list:
1. Odd
2. Aquiles Barbecue
3. Gigalopole Drive
4. Balada Para O Sr. Bodão
5. O Retorno De Bonsucesso
6. Even
7. Rastero
8. Astropulse: O Interlocutor Cósmico
9. Névoa De Vinagre



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