Federal Charm: Passenger (2018)

Written by: Roger Penkethman

Been a fan off this band since hearing Silhouette on Planet Rock, early 2016. Immediately went on Amazon and bought there debut album, followed a week later by Across The Divide and then Crossed Wires ep, on release date. So I was, well chuffed when I heard about this album and then when it came up for review I just had to grab it and get the chance of an early listen.

Having had a few listens before setting finger to keyboard, I have noticed that this has a slight heavier sound than the previous two. That may or not be due to new singer Tom Guyer and drummer Josh Zahler, though whatever it is, it definitely works. The sound has progressed well but still has familiarity to it.

From the first to the last note, this is an album that oozes a huge amount of style and confidence. While it’s easy to hear the influences come from many bands, it still manages to sound new, vibrant and exciting. All the songs contain the same powerhouse style, thumping bass and pounding, yet melodic drums from an exceptional rhythm section. Add to that the riff laden, mind blowing soloing from the guitars and hugely powerful vocals, it creates an album you just want to sit back, turn to 11 and lose yourself in. It draws on various rock styles as in blues, metal, punk and grunge and mixes them all together so wonderfully.

Great to hear them get the acoustic out for Concrete Creature, which goes up and down in tempo throughout the song and is my personal fav.

Lyrically all the songs are pretty thought provoking, which being a lyricist myself gets my mind working over time to figure out what they’re about.

Another thing that I find very appealing about this album is the production, it has a very natural as it’s played, old school rough around the edges sound to it, Which I find is lacking in a lot of music these days.

I can’t wait for the 29th September, when I can get to witness some of these songs, plus others when I go to watch them at Birmingham O2 Institute, where I will buy my cd and probably vinyl.

So to summarise, if you like your music to be comfortable and familiar, yet still have a slight unique twist to it, this album and band are definitely for you. I will finish of by saying I have really enjoyed listening to and reviewing this album, I highly recommend adding it to your collection.

Rating: 10/10


Track list:
1 – Swing Sinner
2 – Choke
3 – Emerald Haze
4 – Death Rattle
5 – Nowhere Is Home
6 – Get Through
7 – Concrete Creature
8 – Can’t Rule Me
9 – Halo
10 – Speak Out
11 – Parting Words



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