Majesty of Silence: Zu Dunkel Für Das Licht (2018)

Written by: Kev Rowland

Switzerland’s Majesty of Silence was formed in 1996 by Peter Papadimitriya (drums), Peter Mahler (guitar) and Christian Geissmann (first bass, then guitar) who shared a passion for black metal. Citing a wide variety of influences including Dimmu Borgir, Immortal and Sonata Arctica, the band released three albums before going on hiatus in 2010. Then in 2016 Peter Mahler (guitar, vocals) and Christian Geissmann (guitar, bass, vocals) decided to resurrect the band as a two-man outfit and have now released their fourth album, the first in twelve years. While they may have been influenced by Immortal in the vocal department, musically they are far more into the realms of Dimmu Borgir, but in more frantic and raw approach and less symphonic.

With all lyrics in German it isn’t the easiest album to get into, but that also has something to do with strange rhythms and vocals coming in at various points. There is a definite blackness and roughness that adds to the overall effect, which is then somewhat diminished by the drums which at times are quite painful in their lack of attack and power. There are times when these guys are very effective indeed, such as when they slow the song right down on “Der Zahn der Zeit” and let the atmosphere build and develop. Given that there has been such a long break between albums, and that there are now only two in the band, it is probably better to think of this as a debut. With that in mind, while not essential, this is a black metal album that shows promise and I truly hope to hear something else from them in the near future.

Rating: 6/10


Track list:
1. Der Untergang
2. Das Feuer
3. Der Zahn der Zeit
4. Unerwarteter Besuch
5. Endstille
6. Dem Engel noch zuhören
7. Klangfeind – Neuzeithasser
8. Traurige Geschicht’
9. Rudi
10. Sonne
11. Weisse Welt
12. Zweiundzwanzig
13. Erlösung
14. Stille



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