Cyrcus Flyght: The Clueless Caravan (2018)

Written by: Kev Rowland

I like the name, think the artwork is great, it’s a shame that it all starts to go downhill from there on in. Someone who is much better at names and research than me has uncovered that two members of Vigilance (who were signed to Peter Wustmann’s Music Is Intelligence label in the Nineties and released a couple of albums), guitarist Uwe Fleischhauer and drummer Kai-Uwe Broek went looking for new musicians in 2012, and the end result is this band and their debut release. The genre is mildly symphonic, with female vocals, and has been garnering pretty good reviews across the web. Yup, I don’t like it.

The best part for me is the guitar playing, but the drumming is fairly derivative and the songs are mostly, well, naff. I dare anyone to listen to “Endless Fall” and say that the vocals are strong throughout and that the melodies are powerful. Sure, there are bits of the song, and in fact all the songs have bits where it is very good indeed, but none of those bits are ever strung together into something that makes something that is worth listening through to the end. The first time I played it I decided that I must just be in a bad mood or something, as I tend to like what comes out of this Dutch label, but after playing it a few more times I realised that no, it really was the album. I guess I must be missing the spark that got them signed, but I really don’t want to look for it any more. Life is too short.

Rating: 4/10


Track list:
01. At The End Of All Time
02. Finger On The Trigger
03. Endless Fall
04. Twilight Of Sin
05. Walk The Thin Line
06. Devils Daughter
07. Das Erste Geschopf
08. Finger Am Abzug
09. Am Ende Der Zeit



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