Wonderworld: Wonderworld III (2018)

Written by: Roger Penkethman

Wonderworld are a power trio who released their aptly named third album on 19th June. While most of this album has a very strong 1970’s style to it which reminds me very much of Rainbow, Deep Purple and Dio, it still sounds up to date and manages to maintain it’s own identity.

It’s very clear from the quality of the material they’re writing they’ve listened carefully to music from the past to present. As they blend all the good things from across the years together in such a good way, that this album is a joy to listen to. In fact every track is filled with such a high level of musicianship from all the members. Every song on this album is contains some very competent songwriting, there’s certainly no dud or filler tracks.

Bassist/Vocalist – Roberto Taranti lays down an awesome groove and some very cool licks and has a very earthy sound to his voice and very forceful delivery. Guitarist – Ken Ingwersen delivers some real catchy riffs and tops it of with some exceptional soloing skills. Drummer – Tom Arne Fossheim holds everything together in a very competent way. Plus guest pianist Alessandro Del Vecchio adds some very nice touches on hammond and keyboards.

The songs are mainly 70’s heavy rock in style though some have a bluesy feel and psychedelic vibe in places.

So if you like your rock, hard and heavy, yet melodic and catchy, with a big helping of strong guitar lines, you will most definitely enjoy this album. All I have to add now is to say to Roberto, Ken and Tom is that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to and reviewing this album

Rating: 7/10


01 – Background Noises
02 – Stormy Night
03 – Big Word
04 – Crying Out For Freedom
05 – A Mountain Left To Climb
06 – Brand New Man
07 – Rebellion
08 – The Last Frontier
09 – Stay Away From Me
10 – There Must Be More



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