World Demise: World Demise (2018)

Written by: Kev Rowland

This New Jersey band only came together in April 2017, but they have already started building a reputation for an interesting take on metallic hardcore, and here they are with their debut 7-track 19-minute-long EP. Biohazard are an obvious point of reference, although World Demise have less in the way of variety in their attack: this is hard chopping riffs and driving drums with an angry guy at the front. Brendan Garrone from Incendiary supplies additional vocals on “Dead & Gone”, but overall this really does seem that if you have heard one song from World Demise then you have probably heard all of them. As an EP it works quite well, as the aggression and angst manages to power through, but I don’t know what I would l think of an album of this material, as there isn’t enough variety within it for me.

Rating: 5/10


1. Asylum (Intro)
2. No Return
3. Final Damage
4. The Forgotten Ones
5. Turn to Ash
6. Dead & Gone (Feat. Brendan Garrone)
7. Heavy Hand



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