Unprocessed: Covenant (2018)

Written by: Kev Rowland

Djent-style music is becoming far more prevalent in different genres at the moment, and here we have an example of it being used by a band who term themselves progressive metal. Lots of palm muting taking place, plenty of bass and lower register connectivity, and gruff vocals mixing with more melodic styles, and then there are some keyboards as well. So, prog metal, or metal with some progressive tendencies? I guess that it really depends on how one views music, whether progressive music is a genre or a way of thinking. Unprocessed are far more in the latter than the former, bringing together lots of different elements so that they are breaking down genres and sub genres so that the listener picks up bits and pieces from Meshuggah, Asking Alexandria, Protest The Hero and Killswitch Engage, and little from what one normally view as being a prog metal band.

The heavy, literally, reliance on guitars and bass with driving drums, means that there is little room for anything else. I could actually see this band morphing into an instrumental outfit, as those passages are often more technically interesting and passionate than those with vocals. Apparently this is a concept album, displaying the inner universe of a human being, who strives and seeks for answers in a cryptic world. His travels start with a vision of a colourful paradise (“Haven”), then lead his way through encounters with a female demon by name “Ghilan”, who tries to seduce him with sweet singings, but then forces him to escape his death and flee into an underwater world described in “Malleable”.

Overall, this is an incredibly intense release, that is definitely trampling over genre boundaries, and is all the better for it. Whether it is too metallic for some, and potentially too proggy for others, remains to be seen. But it is well worth investigating.

Rating: 8/10


1. Covenant
2. Haven
3. Ghilan
4. Malleable
5. Millenium
6. The Division
7. The Mirror
8. Meridian
9. Exhale
10. Exeunt



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