Spiders: Killer Machine (2018)

Written by: Kev Rowland

Spiders, comprising Ann-Sofie Hoyles (vocals), John Hoyles (guitar), Olle Griphammar (bass), and Ricard Harryson (drums), crawled out of their native Gothenburg, made their presence felt with their 2012 debut ‘Flash Point’. They then hit the road, pausing only to release ‘Shake Electric’ in 2014, playing with everyone from Kvelertak and Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats to Graveyard and Metallica. Now they are back with their third album, “If Alice Cooper got married to Stevie Nicks, their child would be Killer Machine,” smiles Ann- Sofie. “That’s the vibe we wanted. The old influences are in there, but it’s a little darker. If ‘Shake Electric’ was gold and sparkling, this is more black.”

The debut single from the album, “Dead Or Alive”, was co-written with Swedish GRAMMY® Award winner Peter Kvint. “The world is crazy right now,” Ann-Sofie continues. “People just walk around with their eyes on their telephones like zombies. They don’t even see you. They don’t look at each other. It’s not a nice lifestyle, because everyone is into something else all the time. It asks, ‘What the fuck is going on? Why do we live our lives like this? What happened?’ That’s ‘Dead Or Alive.’” It’s a nice sentiment I guess, so it’s a shame that it is also probably the worse song on the album. When people try to write a hit single, or to a formula, then it rarely comes out well. But, when they are allowed to just get on with it and do what they want, then that’s a different matter altogether.

When they let their hair down and go for it, that’s when the band is at their Seventies sleazy best. The description provided by Ann-Sofie is a good one, but add to that The Runaways, Girlschool and Mott The Hoople and it would be better. This is a good-time album, and apart from the single, it drips honesty and passion. I don’t know what it is about Gothenburg, but they have produced some mighty fine bands over the years, and this is yet another that will appeal to anyone who enjoys really good songs-based hard rock with swagger and balls.

Rating: 8/10


1. Shock and Awe
2. Dead Or Alive
3. Burning For You
4. Killer Machine
5. Like a Wild Child
6. Higher Spirits
7. Swan Song
8. So Easy
9. Don’t Need You
10. Take What You Want
11. Heartbreak



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