Fistula / Hemdale; Fistula / Hemdale Split 7″ (2018)

Written by: Kev Rowland

Long-running Ohio sludgecore practitioners Fistula have released the latest in their series of split singles, this time with Ohio death/grind institution Hemdale. All you really need to know about the two songs can be seen in the statements from the bands below. Relays Fistula vocalist Dan Harrington, “A few years back, an eccentric weirdo approached us about doing a release… I handled all the technical stuff and it came out great. He started taking on a lot of projects at that time; I advised him to slow down… I didn’t want him to get in over his head and be unable to deliver for his customers. Things started getting strange when he tried to interfere with a release that we had going on with another label. He was trying to remaster our audio (he has no experience in this field) but his attempts were ignored. Then he started taking pre-orders for releases that were not planned…. Then all was quiet until a hilarious, 40-minute emasculated rant appeared on YouTube. In this video, he starts a bonfire to burn all of his label’s releases and slandered just about anyone you can think of from his roster. The insane ramblings contained in that YouTube rant were then regurgitated into the lyrics of “Whore Cancer.””

Notes Hemdale guitarist/vocalist Matt Rositano of the Hannah Montana-inspired “Miley” that occupies the B side. “The song “Miley” was a lengthy process. We were big fans for years of her talent and music. The witty humour of the show Hannah Montana was inspired. Excellent acting and vocal work just made for a wonderful viewing experience. The show ended, and we wonder, what now? With Hannah gone, what will this become? Will Miley [Cyrus] triumph over Hannah and stand on her own two feet? The worrying then was just a waste of time. She was a Phoenix rising from the ash of the Hannah Montana show with talent and grace that can’t be stopped. That is when we knew we needed a song as a tribute to such talent. Thus ‘Miley’ the song was written. It was a fast process, as if God was flowing through our instruments. The song really wrote itself. We were just lucky enough to receive it. How could you not be overwhelmed by her talent and create a lasting tribute.” Personally I love it, and who could not be taken in by such a tribute from a death/grind act? Stunning stuff

Rating: 8/10


1. Fistula – Whore Cancer
2. Hemdale – Miley



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