Ryan Roxie – Imagine Your Reality

Review : Ryan Roxie – Imagine Your Reality

When you work in the sharp end of the industry on multiple fronts especially when working in radio you get so many artists come your way that you get a harder perception of what good music is (forgotten how many times I have told bands to up their game or don’t forget their day job.).

And then…

Sometimes you come across an artist whose music you just fall in love with instantly and a couple of years ago this happened to me with the release of Casblanca’s “Riding A Black Swan” I became an instant Ryan Roxie fan buying all his back catalogue instantly. Now, that is a rarity for a presenter (See self important DJ or Juke Box with a pulse) and I can say that has only happened a few times with me.

And then….

You find out the guy whose music you admire so much is Alice Coopers guitartist (cue We’re not worthy quote) and all your musical ducks are in a row.

What I love about Ryan’s music is the simple fact that there is no set style so each listen of an album is as fresh as the first particularly if you shuffle the tracks, from punk to hard rock, to catchy old time sounding rock n roll particularly in the case of California Man. I recently discussed the album with Ryan in an interview for my show Doc’s Group Therapy on Firebrand and the man is so passionate about the music he creates and it shines through on the CD as well.

And then…

This is without a doubt my most played album of the year both professionally and personally. Good job I only have the mp3 files would have destroyed the cd by now… But wait, is that Amazon I hear in the background beckoning me with its shiny delights. In a world where rock and metal is becoming too samey a refreshing sound is always welcome.
“Imagine Your Reality” if this album was in your collection. Ryan has delivered something very special in this album. Want a year long ear worm…then check this out.

Rating 11/10
Reviewer: Rick “Doc Firebrand” Palin

Ps you can check out the interview with the man himself on the link below

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