Mission in Black: Anthems of a Dying Breed (2018)

Written by: Kev Rowland

Apparently Mission In Black were originally formed as long ago as 2010, releasing their the first demo ‘Black Infect and performing shows with the likes of Brainstorm, Mystic Prophecy and Ligea. Due to various reasons it took until the end of 2017 for them to actually be in a position to sign a deal, and we now have their first full-length album. Interestingly the label is calling this the perfect Thrash Cocktail for 2018, and that’s not what I think about this album at all! The reason for that is musically these guys are all over the place, and all the better for it. Their “home” genre is probably power metal, but they head into thrash when the mood is right, drop down into Seventies-style doom, or even produce some very heavy melodic metal. It’s all about what is right for the song and a refusal to conform into any particular genre.

The guys at the back are tight, and then at the front we have Becky Gaber. Now, Becky has a wonderful melodic voice when it suits her to use it. But there are quite a few times when it doesn’t! The reason for that is that she can all produce a sound like sandpaper, rough and raw, and she mixes and moves between the two – so much so that at the beginning I actually thought that there may be two singers. The styles are sometimes mixed, and while the melodic is normally the dominant it goes in twists and turns. The production is just what I would expect from Andy Classen, sharp yet keeping the power and passion, which is just right for the album. I would expect the energy levels to be somewhat increased in a live environment, and for the vocals to be even more raw, but as it is this is a pretty good debut that any metalheads could get a great deal from.

Rating: 7/10


Track list:
1. Premonition of Chaos
2. Welcome the Apocalypse
3. Cold Wings of Vengeance
4. World on Fire
5. Judgement Day
6. Mission in Black
7. Oceans of Blood
8. Into the Flames
9. Godless
10. Where Demons Sleep
11. God Forbidden
12. The Beast Within
13. First Comes the Blood


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