Black Coffee: Take One (2018)

Written by: Roger Penkethman

Well I wanted to listen to this album due to the band’s name, being a huge coffee addict, it was pretty obvious that I’d have to get my fix. However, I think this time something has gone wrong, instead of waking me up this coffee may have put me to sleep. Because I sometimes feel like I’m dreaming of being back in the late 60’s with a Cream or Taste power trio. With a singer that really suits the music style and would have definitely been in high demand if he’d been around during those years.

I say that because these guys were formed in 2017 but it’s clear from the material they’re writing they’ve listened carefully to music from the past to present. As they blend all the good things from across the years together in such a good way, that this album is a joy to listen to.

Starting off with Creamer, a short instrumental piece to whet the appetite for what comes next, this being in the form of the right in your face, I Barely Know Her. Full of power chords and a very catchy groove, that will definitely get your toe tapping.

Hurricane carries on, in similar style, while Monica changes the style by adding some funky grooves into the mix. Born To Lie, is one of those songs that makes you think of driving down route 66 in an open top Camero.

The Traveler slows things down for a while, with some wonderfully played bluesy acoustic guitar and haunting melody.

Psychedelic Red and Fade both bring the tempo racing back up again, to get the blood pumping through those veins a little quicker.

Final song Away is outstanding starting with acoustic guitar and some very simple percussion, for the first minute (or slightly over) then it’s as if someone knocked the gear stick cause it suddenly jumps up about four gears. I was also thinking this was an instrumental finisher, until the surprisingly short burst of vocals for the final minute.

So to summarize this album, it is solid and well balanced, with truly exceptional playing and singing, that will take you on an exciting and thrilling ride back to the late 60’s, early 70’s with a slight update twist. It contains some brilliant playing from a very tight band and listening to it, I still find it hard to believe they have only recently got together. This is one of those debut albums that blows you away and makes you excited to find out what comes next. So get your money out and add this to your collection, you won’t be disappointed.

All I have to say now to Tommy, Ehab and Justin is that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to and reviewing this album and on that note find it very easy to give them top marks.

Rating: 10/10


1. Creamer
2. I Barely Know Her
3. Hurricane
4. Monica
5. Born to Lie
6. The Traveler
7. Psychedelic Red
8. Fade
9. Away



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