Jared Gold: Reemergence (2018)

Written by: Kev Rowland

Joining Hammond B3 Organist Jared Gold on this recording is guitarist Dave Stryker and drummer Billy Hart, a working trio whose interaction and communication has been built by many gigs together. Jeremy Pelt (trumpet and flugelhorn) makes key contributions to the numbers he is involved with, but it is only three out of the nine on show. There is something about the Hammond B3 and the way that it has such a warm sound which makes it so perfect for jazz, and here we have a collection of songs that allows Jared to shine, although Dave also has plenty of time to show why he has been so highly regarded as a jazz guitarist for so long. Their interplay on the Beatles classic “She’s Leaving Home” is a very different interpretation, yet clearly recognisable, with both of them taking turns to provide support to each other and take leads when the time is right. There is even a Stevie Wonder song, “Lookin’ For Another Pure Love”, which has been carefully arranged and dramatically reconstructed.

But, if you want to hear what this album is really all about then go no further then Ornette Coleman’s “Blues Connotation”, where Hart keeps pushing the guys along from the back, and Gold and Stryker play around the music in a way that Coleman would definitely have approved of. The band finishes the album by revisiting “Nomad”, a song written by Stryker which appeared on his debut album some thirty years earlier, when Billy Hart was also in attendance. Overall, this album shows why Gold is being acclaimed as one of the brightest organ players in the scene, but his relationship with Stryker means that this is a band album and not just an organfest. Well worth investigating.

Rating: 8/10


Track list:
1. Reemergence
2. It Ain’t Necessarily So
3. Looking for Another Pure Love
4. She’s Leaving Home
5. One for John A
6. How Long Has This Been Going On
7. Blues Connotation
8. Sweet Spirit
9. Nomad



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