Issa: Run with the Pack (2018)

Written by: Kev Rowland

Norwegian singer Issa is back with her fifth album, bringing in keyboard player Alessandro Del Vecchio, guitarist Simone Mularoni (DGM), bassist Andrea ToWer Torricini (Vision Divine) and drummer Marco Di Salvia (Kee of Hearts). Revolution Saints frontman/drummer, Deen Castronovo (ex-Journey) was also involved and duets with Issa on the track “Sacrifice Me”. Issa has a good voice, and is performing in a more melodic area than Doro, less symphonic than Floor Jansen, but doesn’t really seem to push herself out of her comfort zone. The result is an album that at times is very good indeed, especially in the more up tempo numbers, but often it feels just way too relaxed as if everyone is going through the motions. When musicians are brought together for a particular recording there is always the risk that they will miss out on the band feel and interaction, and that is very much the case here.

It is a middle of the road album, and one that certainly doesn’t inspire me to look for the earlier album to see how they compare to this one. There is nothing inherently bad here, just nothing that makes it stand out from the rest. She may well be running with the pack, but in this case it would be far better if she had marked herself out as the lone wolf.

Rating: 6/10


Track list:
1. Am I Losin’ You
2. Run With The Pack
3. Sacrifice Me (feat. Deen Castronovo)
4. How Long
5. The Sound Of Yesterday
6. Come Back Again Now
7. Talk To Your Heart
8. Bittersweet
9. Closer To You
10. Irreplaceable
11. Everything To Me



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