Hallux: Hallux (2018)

Written by: Kev Rowland

Inspired by Toxic Holocaust, Satan’s Wrath, S.O.D, Celtic Frost, and Power Trip, drummer Ian Demian-Pérez describes Hallux’s sound as “encrusted anti-authoritarian deathened thrash!”, while he describes their debut release as “a thrash album with influences that draw from Death, Black, Crossover and D-Beat, we are a band that deals with the deception, lies, and oppression enforced by the powers that be!” As for the band’s name, “Hallux means ‘big toe’ in Latin, and is representative of what keeps us human and connected to this realm. No matter how much a person tries to transcend spiritually, their big toe remains buried in the mud.”

The line-up is completed by Miles Morrison (bass/vocals) and Mike Paulson (guitar/vocals), and as one would imagine by the statements above, this is a band that has set their eyes very much on a particular style of music and are going to do just that. There are definite elements of both death metal and thrash in what they do, and I am a little surprised that they didn’t mention Bolt Thrower as a major influence as well, as I am convinced that they had a major part to play in the overall sound. Musically this is straight between the eyes stuff, high energy riffs with the band locked together. Is it complex enough and continuously interesting to see them break out of the Vancouver scene? Only time will tell, but if these guys could get onto an American tour with a more well-known act then things could well happen for them. They have set out a musical path, and have definitely achieved their aim with this release, as this is solid thrash with other influences, and something that is to be played at the max.

Rating: 7/10


Track list:
1. Exordium
2. Herders of the Weak
3. Yersinia Pestis
4. Master Machine
5. Call of the Blackbird
6. In Apathy
7. Shepherd Pig
8. Lowest Common Dominator
9. Chosen Enemy
10. Absolved in Flames
11. None



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