Alberto Rigoni: Bassorama (2016)

Written by: Kev Rowland

I recently reviewed Alberto’s latest album, and it was only after I had written it that I realised that his previous album was in my backlog awaiting review as well (my backlog is definitely moving in the right direction, but it is painfully slow – but I will review everything I have ever been sent! Serves me right for taking time off to write my book). Given how much I enjoyed the most recent one, not, I thought I really ought to get this one out of the way as well. Unlike the most recent, this is a collection of eleven short instrumentals, and when it started with the incredibly cheesy “Bass Guy” and the cheesy talking I was planning the panning I was going to give it. But, to say it improved from there on in is something of an understatement.

Pretty much everything I criticised on ‘EvoRevolution’ is given a whole new lease of life on this, and instead of being an album I was dreading, instead I discovered that this was an album filled with life, joy, vitality and incredible playing. To say that he can play bass is a little like saying that Van Gogh could paint a little, and here he has combined his skills on the five-string to make something that is immensely musical, listenable, and totally enjoyable. Fusion, fun, jazz and funk, all combining in the hands of a master. This was his fifth solo album, and I am now starting to wonder if the others were like this, or more like his newest (did I say how much I didn’t like that?). This is not an album just for bass aficionados, but for all those who enjoy strong jazz infused rock funk music. I was pleasantly surprised.

Rating: 7/10


Track list:
1. Bass Guy
3. Mad Tex
4. Doctor Who
5. Free Your Mind
6. The Alien
7. Elements
8. Dressed To Kill
9. FutureFunk
10. Funk Me Fender
11. Wanna B.



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