Little Caesar: Eight (2018)

Written by: Roger Penkethman

When I saw this album listed I just had to grab it and give my thoughts, even though it has been out for two months now. As I remember owning their debut album and Influence their second, not sure what happened as I don’t have them now (soon to be rectified) and I’ve heard several of the albums from this band and enjoyed them all. Their past albums have featured a soulful, blues based heavy rock style and it’s good to hear they stick with that same trusted formula on this album.

The album kicks off with in awesome style with a storming two-some, 21 Again has a very infectious toe-tapping groove to it, then it carries on with an absolute storming cover of one of my favourite country songs, Merle Haggard’s – Mama Tried. Bravo
The third song Vegas is also a cracking track and carries on with the toe-tapping groove. Would have also worked, very well as the opening track.

Next two tracks, carry on with the same no fluff honest rock n roll.

Time Enough For That slows the tempo down for a nice smokey ballad, with a great message about relishing the good things in life.

Straight Shooter bumps the tempo back up, with a no nonsense ballsy rocking riff.
The rest of the album plays out with a mix of bluesy, soulful, rock-driven tracks played with confidence by some very talented musicians.

So if you’re after some new bluesy, stripped down, honest rock n roll, get yourself a copy of this album, I know I will be, along with their other offerings.

Rating: 8/10


Track list:
1. 21 Again
2. Mama Tried
3. Vegas
4. Crushed Velvet
5. Good Times
6. Time Enough for That
7. Straight Shooter
8. Another Fine Mess
9. Morning
10. That’s Alright



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