Avi Rosenfeld release “Very Heepy Very Purple VIII”

Israeli rocker Avi Rosenfeld have just released his latest album, named “Very Heepy Very Purple VIII”. The album is a production featuring vocalists and musicians from all over the world.

Says Avi Rosenfeld about the album:
“This is my 39th album. Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Rainbow, Dio, Iron Maiden and other classic bands had a huge influence on my music, and together with amazing musicians from all over the world we’ve created this special album. Hard Rock music is full with passion and power, drama and feel. It can tell a story”.

Track list:
1. Serenade To The Heroes
2. Marco Polo
3. Save Them All
4. Jon Snow
5. Ice Storm
6. Right To Live
7. Seven Riders
8. Silent Killers
9. Más Rápido Que La Luz
10. Never Die

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