Green Desert Water: Solar Plexus (2018)

Written by: Kev Rowland

This is the second album from Spanish based Green Desert Water, who are comprised of guitarist/vocalist Kike Sanchís, bassist Juan Arias García, and drummer/backing vocalist Javi González. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the music was recorded live in the studio, as it doesn’t sound as if there are any overdubs, and I would imagine that this is exactly what they would sound like on stage. To say they have been inspired by Cream with some stoner influences is a minor understatement, but they lose some of the impact as the production isn’t really up to what they need. Even with the volume turned up the bass just isn’t providing the punch it needs, which is a real shame.

But, for all that it is still a pleasant listen if you enjoy the bluesy, jam-style stoner rock outings, and if enough people listen to it possibly they can get a better producer next time.

Rating: 6/10


Track list:
1. Open Your Wings
2. Chaman
3. The Deepest Sea
4. Souls Of The Woodland
5. Mother Moon
6. Solar Plexus



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