Axis Five: Earthlings (2018)

Written by Roger Penkethman

When I first clicked play on the opening track of this album, I was immediately drawn in by the powerhouse guitar and drum intro. Then came the gritty throttled voice of lead singer David Stanfill and I was hooked. His vocal delivery is very strong and forceful and definitely suited to this band. As for the rest of the musicians, they work together so harmoniously, every guitar strum, bass lick and drum beat is done to perfection. In fact every track is filled with such a high level of musicianship from all the members. Every song on this album is a future classic, certainly no dud or filler tracks.

The lyrics very well written and though some are quite political they are certainly not intrusive. There is also a concept album feel, running through them focusing on, us humans vulnerability and how we perceive ourselves in the largeness of the world we live on so they’re very thought provoking. As a lyricist myself, I really like lyrics of the title track, plus My Life Behold and Wolvz they all have a message in them that definitely makes you think.

Back to the music, this is an album that draws on loads of influences and blends them together in such way that the whole album flows effortlessly from song to song. The musicianship of all the members is highly professional and delivered in such an explosive way, it’s a wonder it doesn’t self combust.

I read in the notes for this album that it sold over 200,000 copies in it first week of release in April this year and it isn’t hard to work out why. So if you want a new band to follow that features an old school rock sound then this band is a must.

Also noticed that the band that have previous material out, which I’m glad to hear, I will definitely be checking them out and buying them on cd and maybe vinyl as well.

Rating: 9/10


Track list:
1. Poison
2. Earthlings
3. How Bad
4. My Life Behold
5. 420
6. The Wind Will Blow
7. Cold & Dead
8. Pushed
9. Wolvz
10. Keep Me In Line



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