The Dead Daisies: Burn It Down (2018)

For me the best thing they’ve done to date.

Reviewed by Stephen Brophy

After great anticipation for this new release I’ve got to be honest it really didn’t hit me too much on first listen, but living with it for a while and giving it time to soak into the bones it’s a damn fine album.

Look no further than the opener “Resurrected” to find out what this on is all about, this is a balls out rock album, bluesy in places, and it’s got a nice kick to the sound. There is a punch present on this album that perhaps was missing on the bands work to date and it helps to elevate the output to where it really should be with a lineup like they have in this band.

Since the last album Brian Tichy has moved on to pastures new and Deen Castronovo has taken up the Drum stool. But he slots in perfectly beside Corabi, Aldrich, Mendoza and Lowry, there have been a lot of comings and goings since this band started up, but hopefully they’ve now solidified into a strong productive unit.

Highlights here are edgy “What Goes Around” with guitars swirling around the gritty underbelly and Corabi’s vocals, as with pretty much everything else are spot on, the slow burner that is “Rise Up” that just rumbles along grinding you down all the while and the very dark bluesy title track “Burn It Down” where you can almost see Coarabi with a wicked smile on his face as the flames bellow. Oddly for me the one song that really just doesn’t grab me is the slowest on the album “Set Me Free”, it has a really 70’s feel to it and I just can’t put my finger on why but I can’t get into it, once of these listens it might click, maybe.

Whether it was just taking them a little time to grow into their own skin or that it took a bit longer than expected to put together the material that fitted them perfectly, this album is for me the best thing they’ve done to date. It’s one of those albums that needs a bit of constant listening to wrap itself around your head, don’t just spin it once and move along, some of these tracks need a little time to allow them to sink in properly. Coarabi and Aldrich are as always on fine form and this time around it’s just the songs that grow on you more. Marco and his new partner in rhythm are just as solid as you would expect. The days of The Dead Daisies still being thought of mainly as a covers band are now thankfully resigned to a distant memory, a number of these new songs should kick some serious ass live and will look forward to catching them on the road soon.

Rating: 8/10


Track list:
Rise Up (video:
Burn It Down
Judgement Day
What Goes Around
Set Me Free
Dead And Gone
Can’t Take It With You
Leave Me Alone

Released by Spitfire Music / SPV on 6th April 2018



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