Diane Marino: Soul Serenade (2018)

Written by: Kev Rowland

Subtitled ‘The Gloria Lynne Project’, Diane’s sixth album was inspired by her own performance of “I’m Glad There Is You”. Drummer Vince Ector reminded her that it had been one of Gloria’s signature songs, and this led her to researching more of Gloria’s work and choice of material. She also wanted to bring in additional influences, so instead of writing her own arrangements and orchestrations she brought in Brad Cole to undertake that for her. The result is an incredibly warm and velvety jazz album that in turn makes me want to check out Gloria’s versions, as these have been treated with great reverence yet are still vibrant and alive. It is like a warm jazz blanked has been wrapped around me to keep me safe and warm, with wonderful vocals and arrangements with everyone knowing what they are bringing to the party. It is old school, golden age, wonderful and relaxing. Diane’s superb vocals, the arrangements and musicians have all combined to create something that hearkens back to times gone past, in a very special way indeed.

Rating: 7/10


Track list:
1. Somewhere in the Night
2. Nothing Ever Changes My Love for You
3. Soul Serenade
4. For You
5. Blue Gardenia
6. The Jazz in You
7. Happy Shoes
8. Sweet Pumpkin
9. Out of This World
10. Speaking of Happiness
11. That’s No Joke
12. He Needs Me
13. Let’s Take an Old Fashioned Walk
14. Serenade in Blue



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