The Dead Daisies ‘Burn It Down’ Tour 2018; Rock City, Nottingham 13/04/18

Friday the 13th sees 3 bands yet again at Nottingham’s Rock City.

Supporting ‘super group’, The Dead Daisies, we have Scottish Rockers, The Amorettes and from this side of the border, The Treatment.

Due to traffic, roadworks and building demolition I eventually arrive to be stood in a queue waiting to get in. Having to pick up the very much needed pass at the box office meant I was about 100th in line. With the doors open I could hear The Amorettes smashing the opening slot, and there I am all ready to go but still no entry.

Sadly, on finally getting in, I’m just in time to hear Gill Montgomery thank the crowd for being in early and that the band will be at the merch stand asap. Bottom! I’ve still yet to photograph this young energetic band, having seen them four times in the last year I was hoping tonight was going to be the night. Friday the 13th strike 1.

This is one of the issues with there being three bands on and having a strict curfew. The first band hits the stage very early. Anyways the Amorettes set list consisted of ‘Born to Break,’ ‘Stealing Thunder,’ ‘Neighbours,’ ‘White Russian Roulette,’ ‘Bull by The Horns,’ ‘Everything I Learned’ and finish with (‘Hot and Heavy’) from the 2015 album Game On.

The Treatment are up next, having seen this young band previously I had an idea of what to expect, and they didn’t disappoint. The two guitarists stand either side of the stage, guitars low they smile and play to the crowd, classic poses being struck by the bucketful, one minute machine gunning the crowd, the next swapping sides, guitars above their heads as they smash their way through a fairly short set.

A clever link between each song makes the set an almost seamless transition from song to song. Coming on to ‘Let’s Get Dirty’ the set list goes on with ‘On the Money,’The Devil,’I Bleed Rock and Roll,’ ‘Running with The Dogs,’ ‘Get the Party On’ and finishes with ‘Shake the Mountain’ from the 2009 album This Might Hurt.

The Dead Daisies, rightly referred to as a ‘Super Group’ are a band thrown together by businessman David Lowry, an ex-Australian aerobatic champion and former member of the groups Doc Neeson’s Angels, Red Phoenix and Mink. Having been around since 2012/13 the band has had a veritable who’s who of members including Australian singer Jackie (Jimmy) Barnes (Cold Chisel), Brian Tichy, drummer with Whitesnake & Ozzy and Richard Fortus, guitarist with Guns and Roses and the Psychedelic Furs.

The current line up consists of David Lowry on rhythm guitar, Marco Mendoza on bass, John Corabi on vox, Doug Aldrich on lead guitar and Deen Castronovo on drums. Between them they have played with almost the entirety of Rock Royalty.

Starting the set off with ‘Resurrected’ from their latest offering Burn it Down sees the band on stage and straight on it. The set is made up of a good mixture of songs from the new album and fan favourites from the last couple of albums. As always you can’t please everyone as I would have liked to have heard their cover of ‘Fortunate Son’, played as the closer on a different set list

Make no mistake, this band is all about classic rock and it’s being smashed into the gathered fans as Mendoza is straight to the front of the stage, green bass hanging low one minute then vertical the next, this extraordinary showman shows why he is one of the most entertaining guys on the circuit. With polished white teeth and a slick Hollywood look he makes playing the bass look easy. Flashing smiles at the pretty girls he takes the pick from his mouth and flicks it in to the crowd, something he will continue to do for the entire show, pick endorsement must rank high with him!

Castronovo sits behind the classic rock drum kit, one of everything and they’re not just for show as he shows that each skin is no stranger to a good beating with his sticks, double bass kick drum pounding out as the band writhe and throb through song after song.

Corabi has a vocal rang that would belittle someone half his age as he darts around the stage stopping to jump up and down showing that he may be of an age to be a grand dad to several of the audience but has the fitness to put younger men to shame.

Lowry stands stage left, blonde curly hair like curtains either side of his sunglasses, trademark white flying V hanging low as he fills in the gaps, jousting with first Mendoza and then Aldrich as he comes across to give us a lead riff posing with the bands founding member.

Aldrich (God) needs no introduction. With Gibson in place he poses and throws the guitar around like it’s a toy, one minute hanging over the pit, headstock in the crowd, the next he’s on his knees as he adjusts his pedal settings, all the time not missing a beat as he flies around the stage. Changing guitars with almost every song, favouring the Les Paul sees him striding around the stage, sleeveless leather jacket undone to the waist, as is his style, he lets rip time after time much to the delight of the gathered fans.

Playing a 90 minute set which includes a couple of covers, the Rolling Stones ‘Bitch’ which features on the new album Burn it Down and ‘Helter Skelter’ from the 2014 EP Face I Love.

The Daisies never fail to be entertaining, with Aldrich swapping guitars and Mendoza passing out his phone number of guitar picks. The crowd were treated to some good old fashioned rock’n’roll.

Finishing the set with ‘Midnight Moses’, the crowd erupt almost instantly wanting more, the band quickly walk off and after a couple of minutes they are back and into ‘Judgement Day,’ again from Burn it Down; the crowd are loving this and then we get the Beatles ‘Helter Skelter’, Daisies style. This brings the roof down as the crowd give it a sign of approval, singing along as Corabi and the boys tear this classic song to bits and put it back together! Epic!

Tonight, was a masterclass in how to put on a show. Old skool it may have been but the Dead Daisies certainly burnt the place to the ground.


  1. Resurrected, 2. Rise Up, 3. Make Some Noise, 4. Song and A Prayer, 5. Dead and Gone, 6. Mexico, 7. What Goes Around, 8. Last Time I Saw the Sun, 9. Can’t Take It With you, 10. All the Same, 11. Drum Solo, 12. Bitch (Stones Cover), 13. With You And I, 14. Band Intro’s, 15. Long Way to Go, 16. Mainline, 17. Midnight Moses. ENCORE 18. Judgement Day 19. Helter Skelter (Beatles Cover).

Words & pictures: Manny Manson.

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