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Forming his one man shred-a-thon INFINITEE in 2016, Tres Thomas, guitarist of death metal band Tales Of The Tomb created the iconoclastic beast to forge his own musical path different from the extremes he usually performs. Inspired by My Chemical Romance, Dance Gavin Dance, Plini, Modern Day Babylon, The Contortionist, INFINITEE’s sound is a mix of djenty, heavy, dynamic, melodic and progressive influences as showcased on the debut album “The Possibilities Are Endless” just released as of April 20th.

Teaming up with Technical Music Review, INFINITEE is streaming the full album at the following link:

Thomas comments:
“It will definitely be different! However, the title track ‘The Possibilities Are Endless’ leaves all sorts of possibilities open…no pun intended! Tracks like ‘Xenocybin’, ‘Lost’ and the title track are more metal and conventional with their instrumentation. Tracks like ‘Robots Vs The Wooden Chairs Part 1 and 2 are more influenced by EDM, which has sparked the interest of people who aren’t really a fan of metal or djent, but appreciate the more electronic elements of music. This is basically a battle of robots (electronic made sounds) and the wooden chairs (guitars, bass, drums) that are wooden and made and played by humans!”

Fans that will enjoy “The Possibilities Are Endless” will also be delighted to know that the possibilities of new music from INFINITEE are also endless as Tres says he has more music to come!

“I have another album ready to record, and I am working on my third. Anything is possible…expect anything!”

INFINITEE’s debut album “The Possibilities Are Endless” is now available on Bandcamp, iTunes.

Robots vs. The Wooden Chairs Pt.1 –
Free –

Track Listing:
1. Xenocybin (3:24)
2, Lost (3:23)
3. Robots vs. The Wooden Chairs Pt.1 (3:39)
4. Robots vs. The Wooden Chairs Pt.2 (5:00)
5. The Possibilities Are Endless (3:59)
6. Free (4:41)

For more information:

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