Treedeon: Under The Manchineel (2018)

Written by: Kev Rowland

German trio Treedeon have returned with the follow-up to their debut, ‘Lowest Level Reincarnation’, which was released some three years ago. ‘Under The Manchineel’ marks the arrival of a new drummer Andy Schuenemann, of post-rock instrumental duo Alphatrip, joining bassist/vocalist Yvonne Ducksworth and vocalist/guitarist Arne Heesch.

The seven tracks on ‘Under The Manchineel’ have foundations in sludge, noise, black metal and doom, also incorporating unexpected melodies into their wall of sound. Yvonne, in particular, sounds in great pain and angst as she opens her soul to the world, venting out lyrics that are fuelled by a multitude of political issues including general disenchantment with world events, and the current world order. They obviously mean what they say, which means that it is a real shame that as a whole the album is quite boring.

For sludge and doom to work, there does need to be a way of bringing the audience with the band on their slow and riff-laden ride, and while the rawness normally associated with black metal definitely does take this into a different level, I actually found the album quite boring in its simplicity. There just isn’t enough taking place for me to feel invested in this, and while the sound and style may make an impression in a small club with sweat running down the walls, it does nothing in the light of day at home.

Rating: 5/10


Track list:
Cheetoh // Death Of Ceres // Breathing A Vein // No Hell // Manchineel // Protoplanet // Wasicu



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