Voices set to release “Frightened”

Voices was born out of the embers of Akercocke in 2014. These embers remained alight until igniting once more with Akercocke’s reformation in 2017, yet Voices remains, carving out their own identity with 2 studio albums and a long list of live appearances. Upon completion of their 3rd album the band now solidify the sonic chaos and open the doors to an entirely different musical territory anyone of its highly prolific members has tackled before.

Described as ‘urban’ music within an extreme context, Voices seek to reflect the all-to-real life found within the capital city. Taking influence from Grime and Post-Punk within a metal framwork, the first album ‘Voices from the Human Forest Create A Fugue of Imaginary Rain’ earned them the accolade of working with Candlelight Records. The band largely unknown at this time yet through the musics velocity and visceral impact the album turned heads both within the underground metal scene, alternative music fans and critics alike.

After exploding with the nihilistic rage that was the first studio album the band became more ambitious within the outlook of what the music could represent. The second album ‘LONDON’ is an expansive conceptional dive into a doomed narrative trapped within central London. The sound became cinematic and as the protagonist represented in the albums spoken word interludes falls every deeper into his own paranoid madness, as does the music itself. LONDON was a soundtrack to a film psychologically envisioned by band members Peter Benjamin, Dan Abela, Samuel Loynes and David Gray.

The practitioners remain the same as Voices now enter a new phase in 2018. Having formed an extreme identity and sound they will use this as a platform by which to challenge their listeners once more. The 3rd album again being a filter of the day-to-day outlook that presents itself in a increasingly hostile and unpredictable London.

Voices’ third album “Frightened ” is set for an April 27th release through Candlelight/Spinefarm Records.

Track list:
01. Unknown
02. Rabbits Curse
03. Evaporated
05. Dead Feelings
06. Manipulator
07. Funeral Day
08. Fascinator
09. Home Movies
10. Sequences
11. Footsteps

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