Kong Klang set to reissue “Kong Klang”

Kong Klang was started by the late Lasse Myrvold, most famous from The Aller Værste ( a legendary new wave band from Bergen, Norway) , in 1992. The members were Lasse, Gunnar Olsen, Tor Harald Rødseth the fourth member joined 1993 and was Calle Hamre ( Butterfly Garden) Lasse had written some songs and wanted to make a record with a new band after being out of the music industry a period of personal reasons.

After a while, the members Tor Harald Rødseth and Gunnar Olsen were replaced by Bjørn Ivar Tysse (Chocolate Overdose) and Rodrigo Lopez (Butterfly Garden)

In 1999 the album Kong Klang was released. Recorded in Rec 90’s studio in Bergen. The album was produced by Lasse Myrvold and Bjørn Ivar Tysse. The album was almost totally overlooked by the Norwegian music press, a surprise due to Lasse’s standing and the quality of the material and this was of course disappointing, especially for Lasse.

Lasse died in 2006 by cancer. He was then acclaimed by musicians in Norway for his compositions on the album Dance for the music-A musical tribute to Lasse Myrvold. Band and performers like Dum Dum Boys, Lars Lillo Stenberg, Jan Eggum, Kim Hiortøy, and more. It proved Lasse’s position on the alternative Norwegian music scene.

A collaboration between the record company Apollon Records and the band members decided to release the record with 8 additional tracks recorded but not included on the orginal record. 2 remixes are also included.

For a number of years, the album has been a cult record, and has been difficult to get hold of. Kong Klang will be available on Cd and as a double Lp (containing the cd), limited to 300 copies on both cd and LP, via Apollon Records on May 4th 2018.

In memory of Lasse Myrvold (1953-2006), one of Norway’s best songwriters ever!

Track list:
For godt til å være sant
Dine øyne sier alt (remix)
Jeg ser lyset
Solen skinner og himmelen er blå
I mellom
Du skulle vært her
Pappa kan du ikke se jeg brenner
Bom.. Du har meg
Bitre tårer
Jeg var caddy under golfkrigen
Lille Ødipus
Hun vil bare ha medisin
Tur Retur
Ingen garantier
Sjalusi (Narkoselig versjon)
Besatt (Deilig demon-versjon)(1)
Ulvetider (Manglende informasjon-versjon)
Du og jeg i samme båt

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