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German vocalist and musician Chris BAY is probably best known as the front man and leader of power metal Freedom Call, a band that have been active since the late 1990’s. This year he is out with his first ever solo album “Chasing the Sun”. Due to this I was given the chance to ask Chris some questions.

You are out now with your first ever solo album – Chasing the Sun. Anything you’d like to say about this new album?
This album is a true coming dream of my life. I always was imagine how does it feel to have an album where is written just your name on it.
And…it feels amazing 😉 I’m excited to introduce the people my bit different world of music.

You have a long career in the music scene. Is it still as exciting to launch a new album in general?
Of course, not only to release a new album is an exciting moment, every single show is a special time to me. But I’m appreciating to be still able to feel all these moment in my heart.

From what I can see, you have tour lined up already. Are you among those that think going on tour is fun and rewarding, or is it more a part of the job?
I decided to go on tour only as an solo artist. It’s a challenge for me to play all my songs just with vocals and my acoustic guitar. I would like to prove that you don’t need a full band to bring this kind of music on stage…and of course, several Freedom Call songs .
So let’s make power metal to your personal camp fire music.

Most artists play live to promote their latest album and merchandise related to that. Do you have plans to expand your tour dates for 2018 beyond what is already made public?
I’m gonna play as many shows as possible to introduce my solo album and my own kind of acoustic set. 2018 will be song writing time for Freedom Call and I will use this time for my solo album. My tour schedule is increasing and hopefully I can tour all around Europe and several shows over seas.
It’s gonna be much fun.

For many artists, being an artist is something they do because they have a need to do it, for others it is a case of chasing the dream. For a few, it is a combination of these or other factors that are at play. Where would you place yourself in such a context?
Being an professional artist means usually many years of hard working, musical education, endless passion and also big risk regarding the financial income. Many artists are not able to build up a family, cause of economical reasons or because they are constantly on tour.
I’m feeling like living a dream. I always was longing for becoming a musician. Already in the age of 6, when I started to bother my parents to buy me a guitar…I got it then one year later.

Are there any artists that you are a fan of yourself?
Of course, from my youth on I have my personal idols, which I’m still giving my highest respect.
Some of them I could meet personal at some festival or shows we played with Freedom Call and I’m always happy if they are not only great musician but also very nice and friendly persons.

Modern technology have made it more difficult to earn a substantial amount of money from recorded music. Do you think this will change in the foreseeable future?
But the modern technology also made it much easier and cheaper to produce or promote products in the music business.
The problem of the digital generation is, that people are thinking that music is generally for free. Many people are content to pay money for any useless bullshit, but music, which is made by heart and soul, made by endless passion and emotion… is not worth a cup of coffee…sad but true.
We should find a way to control the situation, that all artists could get back just a bit part of the money, which the companies of downloading- or streaming platforms are making.

You are at the start of promoting your new album now. What are your future plans beyond the current tour as a solo artist and band member?
Yay, at first I’m really anxious what will happen on tour as a solo artist. I never did before… maybe, it will become dead boring or I will enjoy it as I never did before 😉
I can tell you after the tour.
Generally my focus is on Freedom Call, this band has definitely my priority. I already started with the song writing process for the next and tenth Freedom Call studio album, which will get released early 2019.
That is the year of our 20 years anniversary, good reason to celebrate.
And the circle starts to turn. Next Freedom Call album, world tour…probably next solo album and so on…how boring life 😉

As most modern artists, I presume you are visible on the internet. Where can fans and those curious about you find out more?
With Freedom Call we are presented with our conventional homepage:
URL: / Facebook:

Same with my solo project Chris Bay: / Facebook:

In the last years, specially because of Facebook, so many people built up fan pages, band pages, music platform…fortunately we are well supported and present anytime, anywhere 😉

I thank you a lot for the interview and all the best to you

Chris Bay’s debut solo album “Chasing the Sun” is out now on SPV/Steamhammer.

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