Noturnall: 9 (2017)

Brazilian band NOTURNALL was formed back in 2013, consisting of members with a past from other, popular metal bands in Brazil. Since then formation, Noturnall has been an active entity both on the live scene and in the studio. “9” is their third album, and was released in 2017.

Trying to track down some information about this album was a case of revisiting a history I thought had been extinguished with the digital world we live in. If I have understood everything correctly, this CD was self-released by the band in the early autumn of 2017, then subsequently made available in Europe in the late fall of 2017 and then released in the US market at the start of 2018. The latter two releases courtesy of Rockshots Records. I do hope this approach to album releases still works for the label, as I do not see too many others doing this.

As far as the music is concerned, we have a band here that does a little bit of everything within their chosen part of the metal universe. They are at their best, in my opinion at least, when they create quirky, shifting material that at times may add some power metal and thrash metal details to a the fairly classic progressive metal I believe I hear throughout. Compelling music, tight and energetic too, with the majestic, powerful passages you do expect from a band that has a go at vintage era progressive metal. Complete with powerful, melody-oriented lead vocals too, although a grittier, more aggressive vocals style is given room here and there too.

I find the band less appealing when switching over to a more purebred power metal expression however, and in my opinion they just aren’t playing to their strengths when exploring this, relatively speaking, less advanced variety of metal. Much the same is the case for the two ballads at hand. Items I suspect is needed from at least parts of the band’s fan base, but for me at least neither of them come with any details of note that elevates them into creations that will appeal beyond those that have a strong inclination to enjoy material of this nature already.

Just how broadly appealing this album ultimately may be is something I’m rather uncertain of. That being said, this is a well made production, and the greater majority of the material comes across as strong, accomplished and compelling. My personal impression is that this is a CD with a limited reach beyond a core audience, although that audience in itself isn’t exactly a small one. Still, if you are a part of that crowd, in that you tend to enjoy bands having a go at vintage era progressive metal, there are some fine cuts to be enjoyed on this album.

My rating: 7/10


Track list:
Hey // Change // Wake Up! // Moving On // Mysterious // Hearts As One // What You Waiting For // Shadows // Pain



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