Moteur! release “En Traits Libres”

Bermuda Cruise is happy to present the new album from Moteur! entitled En Traits Libres. It is now available in hand-crafted CD as well as digital version via the band’s and label’s Bandcamp page.

Moteur! is a psychedelic free rock band from Montpellier, with Léo Minart (guitar), Guillaume Jankowski (drums) and Jude Mas (keyboards), who also play in Frank Sabbath, and Yacine Rabia (bass), who recently joined the band and also plays in Lord Humungus. Exploring the freest forms of musical creation through improvised performances and meticulous work in their studio “L’espace ou le Poulet”, Moteur! sets itself free from any stylistical restraints to create a new and instinctive music, enriched from a great range of influences merging free jazz, krautrock, rock in opposition, no wave or noise.

En Traits Libres is an improvisation recorded during a concert organized by Bermuda Cruise on December 6th, 2017 in Montpellier (with Koonda Holaa, Courge Solofi and Improvika). The album gets its name from the art gallery which hosted this event, in which several improvised drawings done by the gallery’s artists were exhibited during the show. Moteur!’s performance was recorded and mixed by Léo Minart, and was used in its entirety without cuts nor overdubs.

This album is released by Bermuda Cruise in CDr format with a homemade cardboard sleeve. The cover was drawn by Guillaume Jankowski, drummer in the band, and Mattt Konture, a comics drawer and writer from Montpellier, who has his workshop at En Traits Libres gallery and allowed the show to happen.

Track list:
No Go Zone

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