Pleasure of Mutilate set to release “Premonition”

In an alternate dimension, a plane of existence that parallels much of our own, there exists a mighty band called SEPULTURA. Not to differ too much from their formula here in our reality, this alternate-universe SEPULTURA release their ground-breaking albums Beneath The Remains and Arise. This time around, though, both albums amp up the brutality ten-fold, combining their trademark death-thrash attack with brutal, cranium-crushing death metal.

In actual reality, we don’t need to entertain the idea of an alternate-dimension SEPULTURA, as this band literally exists in the here and now. The band is called PLEASURE OF MUTILATE and, fittingly, they too call South America home. Their brand new album, Premonition, is an absolutely refreshing take on Brutal Death Metal; one that combines the best of late 80s death-thrash, early-to-mid 90s Floridian death metal, and a hint of contemporary slam.

Much like the two aforementioned SEPULTURA albums, PLEASURE OF MUTILATE’s Premonition is an incredibly satisfying album, and one that you will find yourself spinning over and over again.

The release date is 4/6/2018, and pre-orders are available HERE

1. Blind Faith
2. Circle
3. Sumeria
4. Destroy All Human
5. Devastacion Apocalyptic
6. Bing Bang
7. Premonition
8. Revalation
9. Lord of Blood
10. End

Manson – Drums
Neva – Bass
Goro – Guitar
Blaze – Vocals

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