Labÿrinth: Return to Live (2018)

Written by: Kev Rowland

To say that Roberto Tiranti can sing a bit, and that he can hit the high notes, is like saying Lennon and McCartney could write the odd hit. I don’t think I’ve across him before, and haven’t been that impressed on hearing a singer for the first time since I came across Brad Delp and thought that there was no-way he could possibly hit the note he was obviously aiming for on “More Than A Feeling” but of course he did. These guys have been through a few line-up changes and musical shifts over the years, with Tiranti himself being in the band on at least four separate occasions, but at the Frontiers Metal Festival in Trezzo Sull’Adda on October 30th , 2016, the renewed line-up featuring founding members Olaf Thorsen and Andrea Cantarelli on guitars, long time singer Tiranti and new faces Nik Mazzucconi (bass), Oleg Smirnoff (keyboards) and John Macaluso (drums) kicked up a storm. Many fans view their 1998 album ‘Return To Heaven Denied’ to not only be their finest hour but also one of the top power metal albums of all time, and here they played it in its entirety for only the second time ever.

This set has been released as a CD/DVD or Blu-ray set, but I only have the audio to go by, but that is just fine with me, as these guys start as they mean to go on with both guitarists being solid masters of the shred, and Roberto commanding the stage throughout. The other guys all have their part to play of course, with Mazzuconnoi in particular making his presence felt, but they are more about providing the backing for the other three to turn it up and crank it out. It is dynamic, it is fast without ever losing the melody, and then there is that voice. If, like me, you haven’t come across Labÿrinth before this, then this is the perfect introduction: eight minutes of melodic metal that is just superb.

Rating: 9/10

Track list:
Moonlight // New Horizons // The Night Of Dreams // Lady Lost In Time // State Of Grace // Heaven Denied // Thunder // Feel // Time After Time // Falling Rain // Die For Freedom // In The Shade


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