Johan Kihlberg’s Impera: Age of Discovery (2018)

Written by: Kev Rowland

After three albums with his band Impera, founding drummer Johan Kihlberg decided it was time to spread his wings, and the Swede came up with the idea to record his first solo effort. He wanted the opportunity to spread his wings and work with some other people. The first person he approached was Lion’s Share guitarist Lars Chriss, and together they started writing songs. As they wrote the songs they discussed who they felt would be the best singer to be involved, with the result being quite a diverse album in many ways, although always melodic. That they managed to get Michael Sadler involved is quite something, although I was annoyed with myself for not picking up his vocals when I initially played the album: can’t believe I didn’t recognise his voice, as usually it is so distinctive.

The strength of the album is also its weakness, in that in many ways it feels quite disjointed and is definitely very much a project as opposed to a solo or band album. I found that if I dipped into the album and just played one song then I nearly always enjoyed it, but when playing the CD as a whole it didn’t work. There isn’t enough in the way of continuity, and while some songs are really very good indeed (take a bow all those involved with “I Am I”, which is sung by Mick Devine (Seven)), as a whole there is something missing. I can see many of the songs being played on AOR radio, and that is where they will probably be best enjoyed, as the mix of melodic and American style AOR is indeed very clever, but just too disjointed for me to enjoy all in one sitting.

Rating: 5/10

Track list:
Prelude // That’s the Way That Life Goes // Fear // Falling // The End Of The Road // Just A Conversation // The Right Stuff // Why Does She Care // I Am I // It’s A Revolution


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