Imperial Triumphant: Inceste (2016/2018)

Written by: Kev Rowland

This album was originally released digitally and on CD on April 15th , 2016 via Redefining Darkness Records, and on 23rd March 2018 it is also being made available on very limited (only 300 copies) vinyl with four additional tracks. According to the band, ‘Inceste’ is an interpretation of the works of French aristocrat Marquis de Sade: they wanted to make a record that was sordid, invasive, and childlike at times. Extreme highs and lows are everywhere, and the music always reflects the lyrics. Nothing on ‘Inceste’ is stable. Everything instrument bends and twists and wrenches, so that the listener never knows what is coming next or what direction the music is going to move in. Their influences come more from the Jazz, Classical, and modern Avant-garde worlds, than the metal world, and this can be heard really clearly in the new songs which are not at all metallic, but are avant garde distilled

This means that the band is bringing together multiple forms of weirdness within their metal, creating something that is both challenging and interesting, and then the additional songs take that to a whole new level. Included in that selection is a version of “Nefertiti” – just how many metal bands, no matter how off the wall, can say that they have covered Miles Davis and done him justice? Definitely worth hearing if you get the opportunity.

Rating: 7/10

Track list:
Libertine // Kaleidoscopic Orgies // Oblivion in Morsels // Breath of Innocence // Krokodil (Chorus) // Nefertiti (Miles Davis – Bass Cover) // Breath of Innocence (Chorus) // La Douleur Exquise (The Exquisite Pain)


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