Gridfailure: Irritum (2018)

Written by: Kev Rowland

David Brenner is back with a new album to celebrate his second anniversary of Gridfailure, which is planned to be the first of ten albums this year! It will be interesting to keep track and see if he does manage to achieve this, and whether or not he keeps to the same level of quality as this one. Although David does use guests on some of the Gridfailure releases, this one is all his own work and I do wonder if that has had an impact on the result, as for some reason this appears to be more melodic to me than the other albums I have heard, which surely is not a term often used to describe his music.

For Christmas my long-suffering family joined together to purchase what may be the only copy in New Zealand of Art Zoyd’s amazing set ’44½’, and I keep returning to it in whatever spare time I have. It is only now, having played that so much, that I can fully appreciate just how much David has in common with them, as well as some of the more way-out approaches from Can, strange Seventies Krautrock, the noise scene and others. When I saw that Olav Bjørnsen had played some of this album on his radio show I was definitely intrigued, as I imagine that was quite a shock for anyone coming across it accidentally, as this is never music for the fainthearted (and to be fair, those with less eclectic tastes than mine might even challenge the notion that it is music at all). To me this is yet another huge success, and I look forward to the next 9 with great interested indeed!

Rating: 8/10

Track list:
Aspirations Of A Hammer Killer // Internalizing // It Feeds On Negative Energy // Exorcised From The Possession Of Hope // Despondent // L’altération Du Sang // Hatecompulse // Haze Of Traumatic Recurrence // Grid The Impaler // Electrocution Baptism // Irritum // Externalizing // Decoration


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