Gary Miller & The Ferryhill Town Band: The Durham Light Infantry (2017)

Written by: Kev Rowland

Gary has always been incredibly involved with his local community, and has a strong affinity with the local area being raised in the County Durham village of Sherburn, with family members who were collier bandsmen, which lead to him being hugely inspired by the music at the Durham Miners’ Gala every year as a child. Gary’s collaboration with Ferryhill Town Band began in November 2017, when he approached them directly to perform the backing track to his revised version of “The Durham Light Infantry” in a new brass band arrangement with updated lyrics, as part of his commission by the DLI Research and Study Centre for ‘When the Bugle Calls’, a travelling exhibition about the music of The Durham Light Infantry. This two-track single combines a vocal and instrumental version of his song about the infantry in the first world war. Launched at Bishop Auckland Town Hall on 5th December 2017 it shows how traditional music, although in quite a different manner to what many would expect, combined with strong lyrics and passionate vocals can evoke the feelings of a hundred years ago. Given the choice of playing “real” music like this against the “falseness” of much of popular music I know what I prefer.

Rating: 8/10

Track list:
The Durham Light Infantry [Vocal Version] // The Durham Light Infantry [Instrumental Version]


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