Frontiers Music release new albums by Dukes of the Orient and CoreLeoni

Dukes of the Orient is undoubtedly a masterstroke wrought with passion and time by such experienced and masterful hands.
-Cryptic Rock

Essentially, Dukes Of The Orient, featuring John Payne and Erik Norlander, are modern heirs to the rich tradition of the melodic neo-progressive rock established by bands like Asia, and this new album is outstanding. Get it!
-Danger Dog Music Reviews

A prog epic that showcases the talents of Payne, Norlander and their stellar guests…this album is terrific
– The Progressive Aspect

Dukes of the Orient is the masterful pairing of vocalist John Payne (ex-Asia, GPS) with keyboardist Erik Norlander (Last in Line, Lana Lane) who today release their eponymous debut album, ten years in the making, via Frontiers Music Srl.

Stream and Purchase the album here:

Watch the video for “Seasons Will Change” HERE.

Watch the video for the track “Strange Days,” HERE.

Dukes of the Orient has its origins in 2007 as “Asia Featuring John Payne,” a band that continued on after Asia keyboardist, Geoff Downes, left to re-form the original 1982 lineup. Payne recruited Norlander to join Guthrie Govan and Jay Schellen for tour dates in the US and initial recordings, some of which endured to appear on the Dukes of the Orient album here. Govan left the band to form The Aristocrats and was replaced by guitarist Bruce Bouillet followed by Jeff Kollman and Moni Scaria. The final lineup resulted in the track, “Seasons Will Change,” released as a video in 2013 and also now appears on the Dukes of the Orient album. Following the death of original Asia vocalist, John Wetton, in early 2017, Payne and Norlander decided that these recordings should give birth to a new band, both out of respect for Wetton and for clarity with the Downes-led “Asia”.

Band Members:
John Payne (vocals, bass, guitars)
Erik Norlander (keyboards)

For more information:


Core Leoni The Greatest Hits Part I has a very classic metal sound in a modern world, and this year Gotthard celebrate the 25th anniversary of their debut album. I can not think of a better way to commemorate the bands success as well as celebrate the life of their fallen front man than the release
-Shockwave Magazine

Excellent musicianship, soulful and passionate vocals by Romero and with the ‘spirit’ of the classic Gotthard sound to haunt every single moment this album is just awesome!!!
-Heavy Paradise

CoreLeoni is not only the perfect tribute to early Gotthard, in many ways it exceeds it – refreshing and modernizing the sound with one of the best singers in the business.
-CROM Metal

CoreLeoni is an amazing project founded by none other than GOTTHARD guitarist and founder Leo Leoni to pay a very personal tribute to his ROCK & ROLL past! Today the album “The Greatest Hits Part 1” has been released via Frontiers Music Srl.

Stream and Purchase the album here:

Watch the video for “Walk on Water” HERE.

Watch a live performance of “Walk on Water” HERE

An exclusive “Making Of” Featurette can be viewed HERE.

In Leo’s words: “On the 25th Anniversary of the release of the first GOTTHARD album, I wanted to pay tribute to songs like: DOWNTOWN, FIREDANCE, HIGHER, HERE COMES THE HEAT, IN THE NAME, RIDE ON…, LET IT BE, and ALL I CARE FOR. Songs that with Gotthard we have kind of left aside. We have re-recorded, refreshed, and “re-brushed” them in a respectful way. These songs are very dear to me and they are part of a period that will remain forever with me.”

Joining Leo Leoni on CoreLeoni are:
– Ronnie Romero (Lords Of Black, Rainbow): vocals
– Hena Habegger: drums
– Jgor Gianola: guitar
– Mila Merker: bass

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Originally founded in Naples, Italy in 1996 by Serafino Perugino as a distribution company, Frontiers has developed into one of the premiere independent rock labels in the world. Synonymous with quality music across a broad spectrum, the company has worked with genre heavyweights such as DEF LEPPARD, WHITESNAKE, JOURNEY, YES, ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA, RICK SPRINGFIELD, STRYPER, WINGER, MR. BIG, NIGHT RANGER and more. Aside from providing a home for classic artists, Frontiers also boasts a wealth of young, upcoming talent that, coupled with a savvy and forward-thinking A&R and marketing approach, will be developed into the future of rock ‘n roll. With millions of records sold and multiple Top 10 album chart entries around the world, the label has also expanded with offices in the USA (Nashville) and UK (London). With a deep commitment to and passion for music and the artists who create it and with massive global distribution, sales and marketing channels, Frontiers is the premiere home for both established and emerging rock acts.

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