The Wood Demons: The Lost Domain (2017)

Written by: Kev Rowland

This is the debut five-track mini-album from London-based band The Wood Demons, and very pleasant it is too. They have tagged the music as rock, acid-folk, prog, prog rock, psychedelia, psychedelic, psychedelic folk, space rock, space-rock and symphonic prog, so as one can see, there is a lot going on here. Musically this is going back to the late Sixties, with influences from the likes of Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane, The Beatles and The Byrds before bringing in some Camel and Curved Air, while also having room for some neo-prog from the Nineties. The use of violin is a nice touch, and the harmony vocals are both a strength and a weakness.

Back before the days of digital releases, this is the type of album I would have expected to have been sent to me as a demo tape. Musically it is interesting, with some nice songs, but perhaps not always performed quite as well as it could be (although bassist John Silver has a very nice touch indeed, which makes a considerable positive difference), with vocals that do suffer from time to time. But, I still have in my collection the very first demo from Big Big Train and look where they are now. It will be interesting to see what happens next with these guys, as this is at least pleasant, if not essential.

Rating: 5/10

Track list:
The Other Side // Caught in the Drift of an Idle Day // All Alone in Istanbul // Poor Traumatised You // Indian Summer


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