Reale Accademia di Musica set to release “Angeli Mutanti”

M.P. & Records will release Reale Accademia di Musica’s new album “Angeli Mutanti” on February 28th 2018. The album will be available as a CD and a limited edition white vinyl version. Listen to the album trailer HERE

“There is certainly the experience of their creative roots arising from the prog music of the ’70s. There is the research for the singer-songwriting skill, typical of those years. There are the avant-garde arrangements with sweet and engaged poetics. No doubt there is all of that in the 10 songs of the new album of the REALE ACCADEMIA DI MUSICA. Two excellent “designers of their instruments” like Pericle Sponzilli and Fabio Liberatori, can not but weave refined sound textures and embroider beautiful melodies for a work that takes us into a current future, along with the beautiful voice of Erika Savastani and the precise rhythm of Andy Bartolucci (on drums) and Fabio Frascini (on bass).

Rock is the leitmotif of this record, making it stand out without sacrificing the beautiful vocal melodies and how the arrangements, personal and unequivocally involving, are chiselled in an almost sartorial way, in a moment in which we witness a general deficiency of sensorrial stimulation…”

The name REALE ACCADEMIA DI MUSICA has been misused for a few years, releasing records and music without the famous trademark, the real ACCADEMIA is now back with a new album: Angeli Mutanti.

The history begins when in September 2014 Guido Bellachioma invited Pericle Sponzilli to his Progressivamente Free Festival and made him play together with L’UOVO DI COLOMBO, the RACCOMANDATA CON RICEVUTA DI RITORNO and JENNY SORRENTI’s SAINT JUST. Pericle Sponzilli is one of the founding members of REALE ACCADEMIA DI MUSICA and was the guitarist as well as the author of the music of the historical album of 1972.

After the experience of the Progressivamente Free Festival, Pericle began to write new music, with progressive roots, but mostly progressive in the mind!

The riffs and melodies of Pericle Sponzilli involved Fabio Liberatori, old fellow n the rock opera “Il Poliedro di Leonardo” of 1989. Fabio Liberatori was also a founding member of the group STADIO, highly appreciated and awarded composer of many soundtracks , most of which are directed by director Carlo Verdone.

Creativity flies high and the two musicians range without constraints, free to go where the heart took them.

The expressive voice of Erika Savastani and the wise rhythmic of Andy Bartolucci and Fabio Fraschini completed the band.

Track list:
1 – Angeli mutanti (5:50)
2 – Alba (4:44)
3 – Johnny e Adele (4:42)
4 – Cosa nascondono le nuvole (4:23)
5 – The beat goes on (come la canzone) (3:19)
6 – Tempo (5:46)
7 – A dritta San Salvador (4:39)
8 – Una sola immagine (4:41) * CD edition only
9 – Io sono qui (5:22)
10 – La pista e il miraggio (7:05)

PERICLE SPONZILLI: vocals, guitars
FABIO LIBERATORI: keyboards, piano

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