Robert Szewczuga Trio set to release “Moonrise”

Robert Szewczuga is one of the most promising young jazzmen from Poland! He is best known from his collaboration with many jazz, blues and pop musicians, including Tomasz Szukalski, Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski, Jarosław Śmietana, Apostolis Anthimos, Grzegorz Kapołka, Leszek Cichoński, Wojciech Karolak, Irek Dudek, Szy-Szy Kaan, Billy Neal, Carlos Johnson, Stan Skibby, Golec uOrkiestra.

“Moonrise” is his debut album. The album was recorded as a trio: Robert Szewczuga (bass), Michał Rorat (keyboards), Paweł Dobrowolski (percussion). It also features guest musicians: Apostolis Anthimos (electric guitar), Ghostman (vocal), Jarek Krużołek (vocals), Krzysztof Maciejowski (violin) and Dawid Broszczakowski (keyboards). 10 tracks featured on the album are a must have for all jazz lovers!

The album will be released on February, 16th in Europe (April, 6th in North America) by Metal Mind Productions.

1. Intro (Landing)
2. 13
3. New-Old
4. ….
5. Apo
6. Salseson
7. Victoria
8. The Middle of Nothing
9. Bachllada
10. Trip + Outro

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