Floor Eight release video for single ‘​Plan H’

Israeli band Floor Eight released a video for their single “Plan H” in January 2018. Watch the video HERE

The track is the perfect introduction to the band’s unique blend of organic melodies, sense of timing and driving riffs creating an immediate, long-lasting and impactful piece of experimental indie. After spending years in various projects in the resort city of ​Eilat​, vocalist/guitarist ​May​, guitarist Johnny​, bassist ​Maor ​and drummer ​Oran ​joined forces in 2014 to form a new band that would combine their disparate playing styles and taste. Rapidly making a name for themselves in their hometown the four piece exhausted every playing possibility. Relocating to the emerging musical hub of ​Tel Aviv​ in 2016 the band moved into a shared unit within their rehearsal space which also hosts some of the city’s other rising talents. In this unique setting, the band is able to write together with no time or noise restraints. This unrestricted freedom allows ​Floor Eight​ to hone their craft organically. Picking up where they left off they continued to gig frequently starting to build a loyal and rabid following in the city and beyond.

In 2017 the band entered the studio to record the tracks that would form their debut album ‘​Completely Dismissed’ with producer ​Or Lubianiker​. Drawing influences from the likes of Radiohead​, ​The Mars Volta, ​Jeff Buckley​ and ​Queens Of The Stone Age​ the band create a distinct psychedelic/alternative-rock sound which succeeds in being both hard-hitting yet articulate. These recordings succeed in representing the sound the band has carved out on the road and reflects the more melodic psych elements they have been hinting towards.

The band say of the album:
​“‘Completely Dismissed’ is a concept that strongly relates to a belief we share regarding the carelessness, and apathy society is demonstrating towards the environment we share. Using the art and the music we create, we want to get more people to be more present in the moment, rather than living in an unconscious, autopilot like mindset”

The track “​Plan H” is the first single to be taken from the album. With a tight rhythm section anchoring the progressive rock layered melodies ​Floor Eight​ evoke promises of a band who could be here for a long time to come.

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