Oblivion: The Path Towards… (2017)

Written by: Kev Rowland

Oblivion are back with the follow-up to ‘Call To Rise’, and have arguably produced an album that is darker, heavier, and even more eclectic than their critically-adored debut. The line-up is now vocalist/bassist Nick Vasallo (ex-Antagony), guitarists Ben Orum (All Shall Perish, ex-Antagony) and Ted O’Neill (ex-Alchemicon), and drummer Luis Martinez (ex-Antagony, ex-The Zenith Passage), and also features guest musicians including Karl Sanders (Nile, guest songwriter), Eddie Hermida (Suicide Silence/All Shall Perish, guest vocals), Enrico H. Di Lorenzo (Hideous Divinity, guest vocals), and Carlos Saldana (Connoisseur, guest vocals). The album also marks Orum’s and Vasallo’s first time collaborating on music since Antagony’s debut in 2001.

When I see Karl Sanders’ name on an album I always sit up and pay close attention as the man is quite rightly a legend when it comes to extreme technical music, and I can certainly see why he was happy to be involved with Oblivion. Musically there is a strong bottom end, with the death metal brutality we all know and love, but these guys are far more into the technical area, sometimes bringing in hints of mathcore, with intricate intertwining lead overlays. It is the moving between different styles that makes this such a standout album, as while it is always powerful there is definite flex and the result is the listener being taken not only on a brutal journey, but an emotional and always interesting one as well. Fans of extreme metal should take note, as this is some album.

Rating: 8/10

Track list:
Intro // Dominion // Mechanistic Hollow // Concrete Thrones // Awaiting Autochthon // Holders of the Sword // Harsh Awakening // It Has Become // Zenith // Under a Dead Sun // Outro


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