Phantom Winter set to release “Into Dark Science”

Phantom Winter are set to release their new album “Into Dark Science” on March, 2nd 2018 via Golden Antenna Records. Watch the album trailer HERE

On Into Dark Science Phantom Winter return with more brute force than ever. After CVLT (2015) and Sundown Pleasures (2016) they now follow up. With their third full-length Phantom Winter found a new language to express extreme heavyness where other bands from the same genre already resigned. They channel depression, anger and severity on an authentic manner that goes it`s own way regarding vehemence.

The record contains six songs about your inner monsters, retaliating ogres and the omnipresence of darkness that we all carry within us. “It is a journey through the dark worlds of authors Sylvia Plath and Mary Shelley. Into Dark Science is a way to accept and channel my inner demons to create something worthwhile and productive” says Andreas Schmittfull who is the mind of Phantom Winter. Six chapters which tell a story of a being who lives in a world which keeps most people paralysed.

Emotional brutalness combined with a gigantic and back-breaking mix of low-tuned atmosphere and riff-orientated brutality in symbiosis with pounding and sometimes cyclic drumming which takes the audience further into a maelstrom. Just now this gloominess reflects in the arcane and mysterious design by Hummel Grafik who is once again responsible for the artwork.

1. The Initiation Of Darkness
2. Ripping Halos From Angels
3. Frostcoven
4. The Craft And The Power Of Black Magic Wielding
5. Into Dark Science
6. Godspeed! Voyager

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