Dusk of Delusion set to release “(F​)​unfair”

French metal band DUSK OF DELUSION will release their debut album “(F)unfair” through French label Fantai’zic Productions on March 9th 2018. The band recently released a lyrics video for the song Sharpest Cards as a first taste from the album. Watch the video HERE

Dusk of Delusion was formed in 2016, and their aim is to create music in a similar vein to bands such as Korn and Slipknot. The nucleus of the band are long time friends Julien Skorka on bass(Elvaron / Louka) and Matthieu Morand on guitars (Elvaron / La Horde / Akroma / Louka). They then hooked up with drummer Romu Carre (Redline / Echoes / Ghord), vocalist Benoît Guillot (Redline / Echoes) and at last guitarist Claude Colmars (Forsaken World, Deadmen).

“(F​)​unfair” is available for pre-order HERE

Track list:
1. Insanity
2. White Words
3. Strings on Your Arms
4. The Juggler
5. All You Can See
6. Siamese Versality
7. Sharpest Cards
8. Fortune Teller
9. Casanova
10. The Sideshow Attraction
11. Wooden Horses
12. Take Me

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