The Evil Dead premiere video for ‘Electric Evil Revisited’ via Decibel Magazine

The Evil Dead from Argentina infuses a wide range of elements into their dynamic music and offers something that you have probably not heard before or at least something that you do not hear everyday. These maniacs are kicking off the new year with the music video of “‘Electric Evil Revisited’ — second track from their last album “Earth Inferno”, came out via Witches Brew last year.

Decibel Magazine exclusively premiered the video at THIS LOCATION

The band comments, “We went through the vaults and found some old footage from the 2007-2014 period in which the song was gestated, seemed fitting for it . So, get some cold beers, smoke em if you got em ,crank the volume up and do as you will. Enjoy the video, it’s for you guys.”

Imagine how it would sound if someone perspicaciously infuses the melodies from Classic Era Heavy Metal and Hard Rock with the force of Speed Metal and darkness of Melodic Black/Death Metal. The Evil Dead has experimented such a sound that is having the grooves of Thin Lizzy, AC/DC and Lynyrd Skynyrd, the outstanding harmonies of Iron Maiden, the aggression of Motörhead and Bathory, and the tenebrosity of Dissection. The genre of the band cannot be categorized so easily, and thus the band prefers to regard their music as “Electric Evil Metal”.

The Evil Dead has already shared stages with many notable local bands and some renowned international bands like Napalm Death, Enforcer, Whipstriker etc.

Following their much-praised debut, their second full length “Earth Inferno” was released via Witches Brew in 2017. Limited die hard tape editions will be out soon via Iron Hammer Records (Argentina). CD and digital editions are available HERE.

Track list:
1. Earth Inferno 06:19
2. Electric Evil Revisited 05:21
3. Forlorn 07:28
4. They Live! 03:55
5. Madness Chimes 05:55
6. Marañon 07:31
7. Song Of The Hunt 04:37
8. The Sulfur Heart 04:45
9. Chariots Of The Gods 07:05

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