Down ‘n’ Outz: The Further Adventures Of… (2014/2017)

Written by: Kev Rowland

The band had so much fun, that they undertook some tours, and then in 2014 released a follow-up album, by which time they had dropped Joe’s name from the band, and kicked it off with “Rock and Roll Queen” from Mott The Hoople’s debut album which had been released more than forty years earlier. What makes this album for me, as with the others, is that the at the heart of it all are great songs, which are then performed by musicians who are going to do the best job possible of playing them with integrity. This is an album that hearkens back to the Seventies, yet has been brought right up to date, and is much more than just a group of covers, it is very much a valid album in its own right.

“One of the Boys” original opened the second side of MTH’s amazing ‘All The Young Dudes’ album, and again follows Joe’s mantra of working out what songs he would like to hear as a fan, and then going out and learning them! These are classic songs being given a new breath of life, and any fan of Mott The Hoople (or any of the offshoots), Def Leppard or The Quireboys should grab this with both hands.

Rating: 8/10

Track list:
Rock and Roll Queen // Stiff Upper Lip // Marionette // One of the Boys // Whizz Kid // Violence // The Journey // Drivin’ Sister // The Original Mixed-Up Kid // Crash Street Kidds // Broadside Outcasts // The Revenge of the Shipwrecked Hedgehog // Sea Diver // One of the Boys (Radio Edit)


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